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Milk processing
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The teaching and laboratory operation of milk and dairy processing will be focused on the real presentation of various technological procedures and production activities in the dairy industry. Students will learn how to process milk and produce dairy products such as cottage cheese, butter, cheese and yogurt. Raw materials produced on the school farm of the Czech University of Agriculture will be processed.

Milk processing
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Milk processing

In the curd production, students can observe the process of pasteurization of milk, learn how to work with milk cultures, get acquainted with the cheese-making process to achieve the final product. They will also produce farm fresh cheese - a fresh curd soft to semi-hard cheese that students will learn not only how to make, but also how to flavor with herbs and spices in different variations. The dairy section will also produce butter, in this production process students will learn how to skim cream, process butter in a butter churn and then hand pack the final product. Cottage cheese desserts or ice cream will also be made.

Within this section of the Training Centre, a sensory laboratory will be in operation to monitor the quality of production, where the quality and safety of the final product will be assessed.

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You want to know, jif makes cheese, bakes bread or brews beer? Take a look right into the heart of the Food Pavilion and learn about the production of food products in real production. We produce meat, milk, bake bread and other pastries, press oils and fruit juices, brew beer and jam!