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Meat processing
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Teaching and laboratory operation of meat and meat products processing will be focused on real presentation of various technological procedures and production activities inmeat processingindustry.In the process of real production, students will learn about the various procedures in meat processing from receiving the slaughter meat, cutting the meat, maturing the meat on hooks, through cooling and packaging to shipping the meat.

Meat processing
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Meat processing

In addition to the procedures for cutting carcass meat into cuts other technologies of cold meat preparation and various types of heat treatment of meat semi-finished products will be presented. It will process mainly pork, beef, mutton, veal, venison and poultry meat such as chicken, duck, goose or turkey. 

This part of the operation will include production equipment for thermal treatment of meat and meat products, a semi-automatic electric smoking chamber will be used here. Another method of meat processing will be drying, which will be provided by an autonomous electric drying oven.Finished meat products and heat-treated meat products will be offered by the restaurant, which will become part of the Training Centre.

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You want to know, jif makes cheese, bakes bread or brews beer? Take a look right into the heart of the Food Pavilion and learn about the production of food products in real production. We produce meat, milk, bake bread and other pastries, press oils and fruit juices, brew beer and jam!