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Fruit and vegetables
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In this part of the Learning Centre, students will learn how to process fruit and vegetables - mainly by drying fruit and vegetable crops, pressing oils and processing medicinal plants. The production of marmalades will also be included. In the part of the operation dedicated to the oil press, students will learn how to process oil seeds and medicinal plants - from rough processing and pressing to the final product and bottling.

Fruit and vegetables
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Processing of fruit and vegetables

As part of the production of marmalades, students will process crushed or de-stemmed fruit and then cook it in a special boiler - a heated stirred vessel - into the resulting marmalade. In the fruit drying section, students will learn to dry fruit and vegetables in three stages. The work process will be guided so that the dried fruit resembles fresh fruit as closely as possible.

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You want to know, jif makes cheese, bakes bread or brews beer? Take a look right into the heart of the Food Pavilion and learn about the production of food products in real production. We produce meat, milk, bake bread and other pastries, press oils and fruit juices, brew beer and jam!