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The teaching and laboratory operation of the bakery with a pastry section and pasta production will be focused on the real presentation of technological procedures and production activities. The operation will feature classic production technologies for the production of bread and common pastries, fine pastries and durable products. In a separate cooled part of the bakery operation, a cold part of the production of confectionery products - desserts will be installed. The baked parts of the confectionery products will be made in the equipment in the hot preparation area of the bakery production.

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Students will learn to mix different types of dough, bake pastry shells and finish products using fillings, toppings, decorations and the use of fruit pieces. The finishing of confectionery products will use hand production methods of cutting the made shells, applying various combinations of fillings and toppings to designated areas of the products (adding fruit pieces, nuts, marmalades, etc.), and surface decorating with various sprinkles or coated layers of marzipan or fondant.

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You want to know, jif makes cheese, bakes bread or brews beer? Take a look right into the heart of the Food Pavilion and learn about the production of food products in real production. We produce meat, milk, bake bread and other pastries, press oils and fruit juices, brew beer and jam!